Kia Handler Krøjgaard
Born 1985 in Herning, Denmark
Living in Amager, Copenhagen, Denmark

I started working with clay through a ceramic course in 2016. In the autumn 2017 I spent 2 months in a ceramic studio in Barcelona, where I worked full time on my own pieces. Since then I’ve had my space in a shared studio in Copenhagen where I keep creating and experimenting.

A lot of my inspiration trace back to being curious in nature. I enjoy getting cought up in nature’s details, watching formations and colour combinations in water surfaces, animals, insects, seaweed, stones, bark on trees, wild plants and so on. I think it is inspiring how everything is optimized for it’s purpose and similar shapes and patterns reoccour in different scale. It gives me hope that material is never wasted, everything is a part of a cycle, the natural world is in constant renewal, as are we.

I want to bring to attention that every cell has life, we are built of many cells and so are all living plants and animals. I play with the organic shapes, to make them look familiar and safe but unique and alive at the same time. I like to think that my ceramic pieces are grown from my hands as a part of nature.

Besides creating ceramics, I have a Master degree in Design Engineering where I have worked with product design and 3D drawing. I use my creative methods from engineering to explore possiblities when working with clay, but my purpose with creating ceramics is completely different. My ceramic pieces are created with intention of expressing emotions and connection. With clay I have the freedom to create shapes without any other purpose than the expression itself.


  • 2020 Nov + Dec: Ceramic exhibition at Herlev City Hall, Herlev
  • 2019-2020: Ceramic pieces in Copenhagen Outsider Art Gallery: www.coag.dk 
  • 2020: Window display in Copenhagen, Krusågade 5
  • 2019 Oct + Nov: Ceramic exhibition at Agilent Technologies, Glostrup
  • 2019 May: Participation in ceramic market at Absalon, Copenhagen


  • 2019 October: Throwing course (3 days), Helle Hansen, Copenhagen
  • 2018 September: Glazing course (1 week), Lauge Brimgiest, Ærø
  • 2018 January – May: Ceramic course (12×3 hours), Lisbeth Holst-Jensen, Copenhagen
  • 2017 October – November: Full time studio space (2 months), ElTorn ceramic studio, Barcelona
  • 2017 January – May: Ceramic course (12×3 hours), Lisbeth Holst-Jensen, Copenhagen
  • 2016 September – December: Ceramic course (12×3 hours), Lisbeth Holst-Jensen, Copenhagen